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As the Mitzvah Principle is restored, the body begins to create only the minimal degree of muscular tension necessary to support itself in relation to gravity. Students will experience a growing sensitivity and self-awareness as the body freely rediscovers its own balance.
The release of old habits of muscular tension brings more spring and elasticity to all movements. The resulting new alignment, as well as the activation of the upward force, improves the body's appearance.

Height is increased as the spine is lengthened, and many chronic conditions disappear with the return of harmonious body functioning.

The expansion of the upper chest increases vital capacity. Pressure on the circulatory system decreases, which often results in revived mental alertness, better sleep, and lowered blood pressure. The body displays greater resilience against all the challenges of life.

Simple Technique lets life force flow
Toronto Star article published on October 21, 2005

After more than three decades of pain I finally found relief from a most unlikely source - the subtle rippling movements in the spines of desert nomads riding camel-back.

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