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"Thanks to Toshie's very skilled and dedicated instruction of the Mitzvah Technique as well as her gentle healing hands, I regained a healthy and pain-free back, knees, shoulders and hips. ( I had experienced many years of faulty postural habits which had caused me very painful and debilitating episodes.) Happily, I also regained my youthful flexibility and vigour.

I am a professional singer and am over 60 years old now. I was first introduced to the Mitzvah Technique 12 years ago and have been practicing it daily for over 7 years. Five years ago I had breast cancer which luckily was caught in a very early stage. However I did have a mastectomy. It was regular Mitzvah lessons with Toshie that were key in my speedy rehabilitation.

Though I have lived nearly two hours drive from Toronto (and Toshie) for over four years, I still see Toshie for instruction several times a year because my body is on-goingly getting a "spinal re-education" from her. Thanks to her plus my daily practice of this simple and super-beneficial technique even my voice has benefited; though in trouble several times before Mitzvah, it now remains flexibile and vigorous with a youthful tone quality. Because of Mitzvah I also have better insight into teaching vocal technique.

In addition, I have been able to greatly enjoy (both emotionally AND physically) my nine years of grandparenting (now 6 grandkids).

To coin an old phrase: Toshie and her instruction of the Mitzvah Technique have given me a 'new lease on life'!"

Anna Tamm-Relyea,
Soprano and voice teacher

Working with Toshie helped get me through my studies at graduate school. Her patience and skill relieved not only the physical tension that built up after long hours infront of the computer, but also many mental and emotional stresses and strains.
The exercises of Mitzvah Technique, which are easily incorporated into a daily routine, have taught me how to work with my body in everyday life. The technique provides an awareness of how maintain a natural and balanced posture and has, in consequence, drastically improved my quality of life.

Alexandra Peat
Doctor of Philosophy

After about 6 month of study with Toshie Okabe, I began, with each application of the Mitzvah exercises, to slowly apprehend the organic wisdom inherent in Mitzvah Technique.

A natural spring arose in my step, my spine began to unwrap and connect upwards spontaneously and freely. This elongation and, also, the realization of the S-Curve as an organic principle, is now as much a part of me as my breathing, which, by the way, has also begun to flow in a more relaxed manner.

Sitting or standing, walking or running, Mitzvah Technique is truly a "blessing"

Aron Tager
Multimedia artist. May 2004

Through Mitzvah Technique, I began to see how talented people succeed through efficient body usage.

Miho Hashizume
Violinist, Cleveland Orchestra

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I first sought Toshie's help for chronic pain at the back of my neck particularly when I worked at the computer. I had sought help for this problem through different types of treatment including chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture but found no permanent relief from my pain. After several months of treatment with Toshie this condition has disappeared. If that area does become tense, I have learnt a number of techniques from Toshie that relieve the discomfort.

This, however, does not begin to convey the power, the energy--the "magic"--of Toshie's work, all within the context of extreme gentleness that is always respectful of the body. Toshie often uses the metaphor of a plant unfolding in growth to explain the movement of the spine uncurling and straightening; indeed, in the words of the poet Galway Kinnell, she can be said to be reteaching us our "loveliness" until we "flower again from within, of self-blessing." Toshie's consummate skill allows our energies to emerge which, in turn, results in healing and growth not only physically but energetically and even within the spirit.

M. NourbeSe Philip
poet, essayist, novelist, playwright and lawyer, June, 2004

Toshie Okabe is making a contribution to good health and overall balance in psychophysical function with the Mitzvah Technique. Her knowing provision of what is necessary to free the rippling of the spine, and balancing of the head seems a kind of welcome magic to the stressed-out and out-of-kilter Torontonians who find their way to her Mitzvah Downtown Studio. Toshie has many a time set me on the ground, balanced and with a fresh sense of well-being. Following my session, my inner experience is sound, fluid and sensate. Outwardly I notice an ease of movement and responsivity to my environment."

Psychotherapist, November, 1999

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